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Finicky Frogs

This album is for children….or for the child in all grown-ups! The album and it’s title track, Finicky Frogs, was written for and inspired by Kiera Barry who’s passionate about frogs! But then her sister, Ellen Barry asked me for a song as well….so the final track, Finding OutThings, is for her.

1. Finicky frogs (Stewart Lever)
2. Baracudas like bacon (Stewart Lever)
3. Skin (Leon Rossellson)

4.Car car (Woodie Guthrie)
5. Kangaroos like to hop (Roy Bailey)
6. Everything's possible (Roy Bailey)
7. It's your birthday (Roy Bailey)
8. May Gaia  hold  you (Stewart Lever)

9. Finding Out Things (Stewart Lever)

Copyright Stewart Lever 2006
Contact Stewart on 07919 270 916 or stewart_lever@yahoo.co.uk

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