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pathologically positive

One of the guys I used to work with told me that people described me as being “pathologically positive”. I took it as a major complement, not sure whether he meant it that way!?

1. sky kisses - my lovely Anne died in 2001 and in 2005, I looked above my new bungalow in Locking Stumps and saw two jet streams crosses in the sky. I know it wasn't a kiss from Anne but it comforted me. I see signs everywhere, butterflies, stars in the night, forget-me-knots. You can see them too, if you really want them to be there.
2. serotonin - the happy molecule.. our brains make it when we feel happy. I have a friend (don't worry, her name will never be revealed!), buys and wears extremely expensive underwear! No-one knows when she's wearing it but it makes gallons of serotonin for her. Sex makes it too!
3. breakfast in mexico (mick hare) - following a chance conversation with two Americans in the long immigration queue on the Mexican/USA border. The song says so much about private medicine and how the desperation of cancer is very profitable for some.
4. when did you leave heaven? with an extra verse by me.."Strip off that big halo, the Devil's let you go!"
5. solitude - a celebration of time on your own, not lonely and "billy no mates"...I discovered after Anne died that there was a big difference between loneliness and solitude, one is agony, the other is wonderful!
6. pink is for girls! that's what Hamish, at 4, said to me when he saw I'd got a pink mobile..he was only just OK with my handbag because it was a "manbag"!
7.  the medicine of friends - the medicine of friendship is my greatest treasure..sharing the communion of friends is what I live for.
8. what a wonderful world (george weiss/bob thiele) - I worked out and learned this song at "crazy paving studio", the flat, lava rocks at low tide of El Cotillo, Fuerteventura. Tears of joy flowed freely as I sang this song. What a wonderful world!
9. our star - following his suicide, Anthony's Mum asked me to set the poem to music (written by her brother for Anthony's funeral).
10. darling (anthony john clarke)- a delightful song written for a 25 year old but I modified a couple of verses to sing it to my Anne. I wonder if she'd like it?
11. finding out things - Ellen asked me to write a song for her because I'd written FINICKY FROGS  for her sister, Kiera. And finding out things is what she likes best about school.
12. bloomers (annie marsh/stewart lever)- based on the poem written by Annie. I wonder why she knew I'd like it? Go on, leave your cossies at home & wear only sun cream!
13. silver lady - I met "Sir" David, "37 at the next birthday", at Cotillo with his own special routine..Monday to Friday, cycles down on his "Silver Lady" to his "seaside room", a circle of lava stones on the beach, each one given a name by Sir David- "Walled Off", "Cloister" and "Ocean Hall".
THANKS TO: all my friends & family, especially my Mum  (Norma Lever)  & Dad (Dave Lever)-who made me what I am,  Cliff Speight-who recorded, mixed & mastered, Mick Hare, Hamish, Ella O’Keeffe, Jayne & Liana, Ellen & Kiera, Anthony John Clarke, Annie Marsh, “Sir” David,

AND all the songwriters, whose music has helped me, along this journey.
....AND of course, forever, my Anne!


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