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What other people think:

Anthony John Clarke - I watched Stewart Lever's gig at the Railway and was not sure what to expect really. I'd heard a few songs and know Stewart well  in respect of his running of the Club and Festival. Firstly the gig was packed and when Stewart rose to play what came across most was his sense of ease with an audience, his wonderful honesty and his humour. I don't think he realises how funny some of his patter is. There is a delicious mischief about him. The songs are of course mainly very personal but Stewart delivers them with the warmth and genuine sincerity that an audience respects.The Fishmonger Fred song was magic. Stewart as a performer  was entertaining and great value and we left agreeing that his show was way superior to many we'd seen. Congratulations on a great night Stewart and keep it up my friend!!!"

Isabella Carballo Seaforth

"..your music brought the happiness back."

Joanna Reynolds
"Thanks so much for the CD's, we no longer have to guess the words to 'Barracuda's Like Bacon'....we have it on in the car all the time!! Even when we don't, Josh sings 'Skin' and 'Car Car' in the back anyway...word perfect too!!! Zoe's best friend loves 'Finicky Frogs', so I am doing a copy for her as well!!"