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Sunset or sunrise?

This album is all about rebirth and recovery, as Stewart comes through the death of his wife Anne, after 32 years of life together.

  1. When did you leave heaven? – from a recording of Chris Thompson at the Minor Birds Folk Club (1968) and sung by Stewart, at the Celebration of Anne’s life.
  2. You’re special – everyone’s special…and many people don’t see it in themselves..but all the lovely things that were said to Anne, as she died of cancer, made her see that she was special. What a heavenly place to get to!
  3. Passive Smoking Blues – this is Stewart’s contribution to the campaign, to get those last few folk clubs that still allow smoking, to ban it!
  4. In Your Boat a love song for a new woman.
  5. Hesitation Blues – one of Stewart’s favourite ragtime songs, with one or two extra verses penned by him.
  6. Never Gone – Stewart woke at four in the morning on the 24 July 2002, dreaming this song. It was the first anniversary of Anne’s death.
  7. The Mersey Miracle Rag – well it’s a miracle, isn’t it? Salmon and all the other fish have returned to the River Mersey. “Fishmonger Fred” made so much money out of the fish from the river, that he built a row of cottages in Warrington, named “Sparling Street”. (Available as a single CD)
  8. Sunflower Sunset Blues – Stewart bought the last birthday card for Anne, with the photo which is on this CD cover. He wrote in the card, “It looks like a sunset on your life, our life together..but it also looks like a sunrise on a new and different life for me.” Anne loved that card!


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