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I started coming on my own, to Torino's beach bar at El Cotillo, Fuerteventura, after my wife Anne died in 2001. I met all of Torino's lovely family & made many friends here ...spending every lunchtime here during my winter "migration".
Torino was born on the island and still loves to spend the day catching fish, when he's not working at the beach bar...his "gambas con ajo" are the best I've ever tasted!

1.GOOD TO SEE YOU - Allan's song says what I feel about my friends and it's the song I start the evening at Lymm, Cheshire (www.lymmfolkclub.org.uk) & the El Toston "folk club" in Cotillo.
2. EL PERRO FLACO - the "thin dog", that what the Cotillo fishermen nicknamed Alan, the roofer from England, who earned enough money working in summer so that he could camp on the beach in the winter, with his best friend, "Remy, a Labrador".
3. GLORY OF LOVE - what a great song from the 1930's.
4. NOT TO WORRY - the poem by Leanne Halyburton, was given to me at Torino's by Graeme & Yvonne to help me recover.....and it did too! Graeme & Yvonne even found the words to the chorus..I only wrote the music.
7. YOU SHOW THE WAY - I've told our story to so many different people (and the album ANNE'S STORY is my radio play which tells the full story)...that I had to write this song. Anne was as concerned about her dying as she was about how I might live after death. She told me to re-start playing & singing, to re-start going to folk clubs & to re-start writing again...AND THAT'S WHAT I DID! She really showed me the way.
8. PASSION - we all need to have something that makes us feel good..."sewing, cycling, cooking, salsa or just loving to try".
9. FINICKY FROGS - written for Kiera about her passion...FROGS!
10. APRIL SHOWERS - my Mum was seventeen when she saw, what became her all time favourite film, THE JOLSON STORY, sung by Al Jolson but acted by Larry Parks....and guess who my Dad looked like in 1949, Larry Parks! Taught to me by Eric & Ada Copeland on Morfa Dyffryn Beach, Wales.
11 BARACUDAS LIKE BACON - Graeme & Yvonne couldn't eat all of their huge bacon baps at Torino's and Yvonne said she'd feed the leftovers to the fish, "Baracudas like bacon." Total rubbish, I thought but a great idea for a song, totally daft song! But I was just in the middle of writing Three Stones (on the Heartstone album)
a deeply emotional song but it had to done!
12. CHOCOLATE - another of Ron's brilliant songs.
I'll always remember my birthday when I was playing at the El Toston Folk Club....Gayle, the "landlady" said, "Sing Chocolate" now"..and when I started her and Janet came in carrying two huge chocolate cakes covered in candles!
13. SOME DREAMS - yes, Allan, we should all follow our dreams, shouldn't we?

THANKS TO:  all my friends & family, especially my Mum (Norma Lever), Torino ,Michelle, Isabella & Marilyn, Pat & Bill, Billy, Jean, Mini, Alan Croucher, Graeme & Yvonne Hudsmith, Alan & Gayle Thompson,  Janet & Chris Minty, Neil & Carol Robinson, Kiera Barry, Eric & Ada Copeland, Howard Boast,
AND all the songwriters whose music has helped me along this journey and especially  Allan Taylor, Ron Trueman-Border, Anthony John Clarke

....AND of course, forever, my Anne!


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